Experience level: All (beginner & advanced friendly)

Embark on a soulful retreat to the rejuvenating embrace of Spitzmühle retreat center, a haven nestled in the heart of Brandenburg, renowned for its restorative qualities for the soul and the senses. Join a select group of kindred spirits, whether you're a newcomer or well-versed in the realms of conscious and s*xy exploration.

This retreat calls you into a realm of exploration, where you'll gracefully navigate the landscape of sensuality, setting boundaries, expressing desires, and experiencing intimacy within a safe, mindful, and nurturing space. Whether you're a new comer or a have had lots of s*x positive experience, this unique somatic approach will guide you to delve into the depths of magic, sensuality, and s*xuality.

Through frequent check-ins during the retreat, you'll refine your "Yes's" and "No's" within the present moment, cultivating a space to speak your truth and shed societal expectations. The retreat, like a fine wine, matures and evolves, with the group becoming increasingly juicy as awareness, pleasure, and communication intertwine, culminating in a celebratory sensuous free flow 'Temple' evening.

You'll not only savor the pleasures of the weekend but also be expertly guided through the realms of emotional intelligence and mindfulness practices. Take these transformative experiences home with you, enriching not just your own life but also fostering deeper connections with those you hold dear. Discover the art of infusing juiciness into every facet of your existence, both within and beyond the bedroom. Surrender to a weekend that not only redefines the very essence of passion in your life but also leaves you with indelible memories and a newfound allure that resonates in every corner of your being.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary magic of this retreat—an oasis for your sensuous self, a playground for explorative growth, and a wellspring of positivity for your everyday life and intimate connections.
Your invitation awaits; step into the magic of the Intimate Playground Retreat and let the journey unfold.

💫 There is nothing that you have to do at any point during the retreat. Taking care of your boundaries and consent is the highest priority at all times!
You, your pleasure, your boundaries, and your brilliance are all welcome!

Indulge in the enticing magic of the Intimate Playground Retreat, where your journey begins with the exclusive key... filling out the APPLICATION FORM to secure your coveted ticket 😉

★★★★★"The application questionnaire is long, but I feel certain that being required to answer those questions is how the team brought together a group of adventurers that were so respectful, caring and special."
- Mark, Berlin (Intimate Playground Retreat participant)


4 days
Thursday 18:30 - Sunday 15:00

Whether you're a newcomer to Temples and s*x-positive spaces or someone with prior experience, you're warmly welcome. Couples, too, are invited to join, enhancing and deepening their connection within the intimate sanctuary of this transformative experience.


The Temple night might involve nudity, sensual, and se•xual interactions. Your engagement in any of these aspects within this space is warmly invited only if you feel a clear "YES." You can decline at any time without the need for an explanation. However, please be aware that others may choose to partake in these experiences, regardless of your involvement. Therefore, we encourage you to arrive prepared and mindful of the nature of this event.


🌿 Explore setting and respecting boundaries
🌿 Learn to clearly express both 'No' and 'Yes'
🌿 Work with and understand expectations
🌿 Practice meeting and addressing needs
🌿 Develop the skill of not pushing oneself
🌿 Build confidence and connect authentically
🌿 Express desires courageously
🌿 Participate in a sacred s•xuality Temple Night
🌿 Cultivate conscious sensuality, touch, and communication
🌿 Recharge and co-regulate nervous systems away from the city

Approximate program: (October)
🔻 Friday: 14:00 arrival, grounding/settling-in, getting to know each other through a slow-paced facilitated experience which will be followed by dinner, Sauna with aufgüsse (no temple night)
🔻 Saturday: Deepening connection, weaving community, warming up through guided consent exercises, conscious touch, and authentic movement followed by an evening Ritual and Temple night.
🔻 Sunday: landing, integration, departure 15:00

☘️ Meals, drinks, and snacks will be served regularly.
☘️ The Sauna and Jacuzzi will be accessible at scheduled times throughout the weekend.

Elevate the mood with...

💦 Sensational Outdoor Jacuzzi
🔥 Sizzling Wood-fired Sauna
💃 Alluring Authentic Dance
🌱 Exquisite Vegan and Vegetarian Delights
🌿 Enchanting Nature with Lake swimming

★★★★★ "Going to the Temple Retreat this year helped me open up another level of understanding the power of consensual Experiences, The Crew and Community that is created is super memorable they made it really easy to work within, and open up to the true Self with in,loving it and caring for it. I highly recommend this experience to everyone that has time to do some self exploration." - Phill“

WHERE:Seminarhaus Neue Spitzmühle (Spitzmühle), Spitzmühlenweg 2, 15344 Strausberg, Germany

PRICE 2024 October Retreat:

(3 days. With food, sauna, and facilitation included. Without sleeping arrangement.

Helper spot - 210€

Sisterhood ticket - 360€

Normal ticket - 420€

Double ticket - 760€

You will pay a 180€ reservation fee. The rest in cash (or 2 extra installments if needed. Ask separately)

(Platform fees apply for the reservation.)

Helper ticket: Energy exchange - reservation fee + extra for your accommodation. This is a work-exchange option for a reduced rate. Please apply early as there are limited helper tickets available. People assisting in our retreats are very happy with the amount of volunteering and resting/participating, you will be able to participate in all the parts you wish to participate.

Sisterhood Ticket: Energy exchange - reservation fee + extra for your accommodation. These tickets are people that have been socialized or are perceived as female, who are affected by the gender pay gap and pink tax. Limited quantity, so please apply early! See FAQ's for more information.


(these are additional costs determined by the hotel, not by our preference.)

2 pers room - 88€/person (2 separate beds possible. Putting you with the person with the same s.ex also possible) - private bathroom

Camper/tent - 56€/person - shared showers and bathroom

5 people Dorm room - 56€/person - shared bathroom


Bedlinen - 15€

Towel - 2€

(4 days. With food, sauna, and facilitation included)

Helper spot ~237€
Sisterhood ticket ~390€
Normal ticket ~ 474€
Double ticket ~847€ (friends, couple, acquintances. Any mix possible apart from 2 cis men)
(prices without sleeping arrangement)

You will pay a 180€ reservation fee. The rest in cash or 3 extra installments if needed. Ask separately.
(Platform fees apply for the reservation.)

Sleeping options (these are additional costs determined by the venue, not by our preference.)

2 pers room - 122€/person (2 separate beds possible. Putting you with the person with the same s.ex also possible) - private bathroom

1 pers room - 198€/person - private bathroom
Camper/tent - 84€/unit - shared showers and bathroom
Dorm - 94€/person - shared showers and bathroom

Other (optional):

Bedlinen - 15€
Towel - 3€

★★★★★ " The Intimate Playground Retreat was one of the most empowering sex-positive events my partner and I have attended. Many elements made this true, but at the top of this list are the three facilitators Raminta, Annika and Elke. These three, powerful women placed their feet deep in the earth and led our group to co-create of an incredible space of confidence and safety: a space where we felt brave enough to ask for what we wanted, and to do so without shame, to feel confident that we were within our boundaries when we offered a "yes", and to receive every "no" with joy, gratitude and respect... Add to this the verdant location, and the wonderful vegan food, and there is nothing I can offer except praise and gratitude. Thank you for sending my partner and I home floating on a cloud of bliss."
– Mark, Berlin

★★★★★ "My heart is still full from this weekend. What a beautiful group, place and incredible facilitators. I felt so safe and comfortable to fully let go because Raminta, Elke and Annika held the space so beautifully. These wonderful women really know what they're doing and I was so amazed by the way they could keep it so professional in a very relaxed way. I felt seen, held and taken care of. The exercises were well thought out and weaved everything together to a beautiful flow throughout the weekend. If you hesitate to book, this is your sing to book now! You will not regret it. I met wonderful humans and together we were brave, open, vulnerable, supporting, a family. Thanks also to the lovely kitchen crew, who filled our stomachs with yummy healthy food the whole weekend and always with a smile.When I close my eyes, I go back to the place with the wonderful people and a smile. I'm so grateful for this experience. Thank you."

- Hugs & Love, Mel

Raminta is a humble and wild 'amazon' from the Baltics. Certified Pantarei (somatic coaching) practitioner and extraordinary events' architect. She brings ceremony and ritual into her facilitation. In her events, people feel safe, non-judged and welcomed with their authentic juicy selves.
✨She brings 10 years of experience in organizing various events. From personal development, ecstatic dance and conscious events,
temples up to psytrance/techno parties and business-oriented events.
✨She is the initiator of "Saturday lockdown dances" (aka FlowMotion Dance). One of two crazy people making people dance outdoors during the hardest covid lockdown, which became a movement and now you have all of those Tempelhofer feld dances now.🙈
✨She has accomplished a 100-hour Tantra massage course and organized and facilitated Temple nights and Temple weekends and Medicine retreats.
✨At the moment she is organizing dance and Temple events. Giving Somatic Coaching "Pantarei" sessions. As well as creates graphic and stage design.


Event updates on her Telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/xFtAfN__xdhYThi
Events/Pantarei newsletter: https://dashboard.mailerlite.com/forms/775494/110786657597261531/share
Somatic Coaching offering: https://www.sensual-alchemy.com/pantarei


2024 October retreats co-facilitator. More information could soon.

Annika (2025 retreats)
A somatic visionary, creative, teacher and facilitator, Annika Tara’s life work has been in holistic facilitation. She is a certified yoga teacher in multiple disciplines, meditation guide, connective culture designer, ritualistic performer and lifelong visual artist. The core of her work is the cultivation of birthright creativity. Through a sacred feminine approach, she brings her embodied wisdom to s*x+ temples, retreats, workshops & sensual events.

Visit her portfolio website: https://annikatara.com

here to answer all your questions and help out behind the scenes. :) A nanny since 12 years, with a background in Psychology, Child Education and now also studying Pantarei, Elke has a focus on caring for people of all ages, in different ways. Giving space to whatever is moving through us in every moment, staying present, practising patience,.. with a kind and open heart.

See you on the sensual side. 🌿🌿

Raminta, Elke, Simon & Annika

📸 Pictures by Thalia Matthaei in our Temple Retreat 2023.

★★★★★ „This beautifully well-spent weekend is still unfolding it’s presents two months after the Temple Retreat. Both my husband and I where able to change long-lived patterns in terms of sexual exploring. We shifted internal realities and embraced our new identities with grace."

⁃ Maria Hampe (Intimate Playground Retreat participant)

3 days
Friday 14:00 - Sunday 15:00

4 days
Thursday 18:30 - Sunday 15:00


3 days
Fri 14:00 - Sun 15:00

Glimpse from Intimate Playground Retreat

Connective & transformative 3 day Temple Retreat in Brandenburg.

Pleasure is your birth right.