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Base of my work

For the past 2years bse of my work is Transformative psychosomatic bodywork/coaching sessions and hosting extraordinary events.

With a decade of experience in orchestrating a diverse range of gatherings—from personal development workshops and ecstatic dances, medicine retreats to large-scale psytrance and techno parties—I've honed my skills in crafting spaces where people reported feeling safe, seen, and celebrated for their authentic selves.

I am also the initiator behind the "Saturday lockdown dances" (those crazy and beautiful outdoor dances to rescue some of us from the hardship of lockdown).

Additionally, I've completed a comprehensive 100-hour Tantra massage course and 6 months of classical (Swiss) and spa massage training.



My background professions are: architect (BA) and interior and graphic designer. In total I have 7 professions in my portfolio which I find helps me to find good understanding of different professions and work issues people bring to my 1:1 coaching sessions.

Hello and welcome to my world

My name is Raminta, an adventurous being from the Baltics. Conscious Entrepreneur, Psychosomatic Therapist visual artist, and facilitator.

I am devoted to societal change for the better present and future for us and the Planet. I aproach the topic with aiming to live a more ethical lifestyle, and professionally by holding individual and group processes around topics of emotional intelligence, embodiment healing sexuality and supporting relationships.


"I have always known how powerful the body can be in processing emotions, but working with Raminta's Pantarei has opened my eyes. She is able to take you through a process that combines the rational and intuitive worlds, teaching you how to deal with what happens in the body when dealing with difficult situations. With her I was able to deal with some parts of me that I wanted to be more comfortable with. Her technique is a fusion of psychotherapy and bodywork, and the results are outstanding." - Ricardo

"Raminta's authenticity, sensitivity, and assertiveness make her a great facilitator. She created a wonderful Temple weekend where I got to connect with myself and others in a safe space, free of judgment and pressure of any kind. The sacred space of intimate exploration was a beautiful playground for the self-discovery of boundaries and desires. Raminta inspires me with her integrity and growth and I’ve confidence in the workshops she facilitates." - Eva

Certified Pantarei Practitioner

The Pantarei approach focuses on connecting individuals with their inherent strength and capacity for change through their body's wisdom. It emphasizes a personalized process where clients learn to navigate their emotions and challenges, fostering personal growth and enhanced self-awareness.

Certified Tantra massage practitioner
Tantra massage focuses on the holistic approach to the body, emphasizing the connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. It aims to awaken and circulate sexual energy, promoting healing, deep relaxation, and a sense of profound well-being through mindful touch and energy work.

Certified Classical Massage Therapist

Swedish massage, is the father of most massages, it focuses on relaxing the muscles, breath and is in general a quite holistic massage. It enhances physical and emotional well-being by reducing stress, increasing blood circulation, and promoting relaxation.

BA Architect / MA Fine Arts

Yes, not everyone starts with bodywork right from the get go. I used to be an architect and interior designer as well as visual artist, entrepreneur. Sometimes this can help to find a better connection with me and my clients. This type of background definitely shapes my sessions in a special structure.

Methods supporting my work